Wicker And Wilde Announce Backstreet Boys Tour And Have Tickets

Grab The Girls, We're Heading To The Beach!

February 10, 2020
Backstreet Boys

Just in time for Valentine's Day - Wicker and Wilde Announce that The Backstreet Boys have started a second North American Tour and they're coming to Virginia Beach! Awwww, Girl grab hat and your BFF's - tix are on sale this Friday, Feb 14th at Noon.....

That or you can get your hands on tickets through Wicker and Wilde ALL. THIS. WEEK.  Each morning you will hear 2 BSB songs back to back.  When you hear the start of the second song be the 8th caller and you'll nab yourself a pair of tickets to their show at the Beach on July 19th, 2020.

Backstreet Boys