Don't Want To Exercise? This Could Be Just As Good And You Don't Have To Sweat

January 14, 2020
Alternative to Exercise

Wicker and Wilde know how important it is to work out but let's face it Wicker is busy with his 3 kids and Rebecca, well, she likes to eat - so when stories like this come out we listen up.

According to scientists going to see a movie could be as good for your health as some light cardio at the gym. Say What?  Yep! Studies show watching a film is good for your heart health, memory, and concentration. And it’s a lot easier than burpees. (What the heck is a burpee anyway?) LOL

To get the info, researchers monitored the heart rate, body temperature, and skin reactions of people watching Disney’s live-action version of Aladdin. They discovered their heart rates entered the “healthy heart zone” for around 45 minutes during the movie which means they got the health benefits equivalent of a not-so brisk walk.

Ready to do a home workout aka binging on Netflix? Sorry, that’s not going to work. Apparently, you’ll only get the health benefits from a trip to the theater. Our brains need to experience the “undivided attention” that a dark theater provides and your combination of couch and cell phone are lacking.

Ugh!  Oh well, it's better than nothing.  However, researchers failed to say how a 2 ton tub of popcorn that Rebecca eats while at the movies factors into any potential weight loss. 

Who's up for a workout at the cinema?! 

Alternative to Exercise