When You Can't Use A Curse Word Use These Words Instead

Alternative Curse Words

March 4, 2020
Alternative words

Sometimes, Wicker and Wilde need to cuss but they shouldn't and obviously can't say anything bad on the radio. Well there is an amazing Christian comedian named Tim Hawkins who, in concert, offered up field-tested and mother-approved aIternatives to swear words.  From his concert DVD "That's the Worst," here are some alternatives to use.  

If you are Miffed:

- Shucks

- Crapola

- Sheesh

- Phooey

- Jeepers

- Dang Darnit

- Booger

- Wingnut

- Nerts

If you are Exasperated:

- Good Gravy

- Gadzooks

- Jackwagon

- Fiddle Faddle

- Cottin Pickin

- Mylanta

- What The Hey

- Shucky Darn

- Dad Gummit (Wicker's favorite)

- Son Of A Biscuit Eater (Wilde's favorite that she stole from Wicker - LOL)

If you are just Not Having It:

- Great Googley Moogley

- Geeze Louise

- Judas Priest

- Shut Your Piehole

- Kiss My Grits

- Bolshevik

- Bull Twinkies

- Shut The Front Door

See (and hear) Tim's full list in the video below....he's awesome!