Here's Advice Girls In Their 20's Need From Women In Their 40's


January 12, 2020
Advice Woman To Woman

Let's face it, we women can be catty......but all too often it isn't until we're older that we learn to appreciate each other and what we can offer from our years of experience.  I am so lucky to have amazing women in my life.  Some are better friends than others but I really feel that any of them would give me great advice should I reach out asking for some.  

That being said an article came out offering Advice for Girls in their 20's from Women in their 40's and we thought it would be great to share it with you.  And I think it's important to note that it's never too late to ask for or to give advice when someone needs it.  We need to look out for each other.  #truth

Enjoy and feel free to reach out to my email if you have anything you'd like me to add - Rebecca Wilde

Talk to each other - Keep the communication open.

Make time for your friends - They’ll fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself.

Be honest with your friends - TRUST...they’ll pick up on the lies sooner than later.

Put the damn phone down - You can’t connect with someone just through texting.

Go on vacation with your friends - This is where the REAL bonding happens.

Dance to the oldies like no one is watching - Don’t worry, no one will call you grandma.

Get over your sh*t - Life’s too short to dwell on BS.

Sometimes fighting is the only way through - Only the strong survive.

No backstabbing - Someone is always going to find out so no talking about one friend to other friends behind their back.

Good friends make you a better friend - Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and love you for you.  

Want more?  Here's the full article