10 Things You're Doing Wrong Everyday - Yes

What's Funny Is It Makes Sense

July 26, 2019

There are "experts" out there who think we do a lot of things incorrectly.  Jeff and Rebecca read through these and realized we need some remedial lessons.......turns out these "mistakes" are more common than you think.

10. Breathing
You're breathing and that's all there is to it, right? There is an efficient way to breathe that increases your energy and gives your body more oxygen: belly breathing, which for some reason we stop doing past the baby stage. If you do Yoga this isn't the first time you've heard this.  But you don't have to DO Yoga to breathe efficiently.  Try it - see if you feel better.

9. Peeing in a Urinal
Pee should not haphazardly splash back on to the floor or yourself. Physicists have revealed the best way for men to use a urinal to minimize splash-back: get close and aim down.

8. Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth
Morning and night, you're supposed to brush your teeth. Even if you think you're doing it right check in with your hygenist to make sure you still doing it right. If you brush your teeth after breakfast or rinse with water after brushing, you're not helping your teeth.

7. Pronouncing Certain Words
Although you shouldn't be afraid to mispronounce words in public, there are a whole lot of words we're all probably mispronouncing—from foods and drinks to the highly contestable "gif." Maybe everyone's mispronouncing your name too.

6. Standing and Sitting
Like breathing, your posture might also be keeping you from what's best for you. Optimize your workspace, fix your standing and sitting postures and whatever you do don't sit around all day.

5. Washing Your Hands
You should be washing your hands for 20 seconds once the hot water comes...Sing Happy Birthday and you'll be good to go to get all the bacteria off your hands. Dry your hands fully, too.   Experts also say don't waste your time and money with anti-bacterial soap.  

4. Loading the Dishwasher
Everyone has their own way of loading the dishwasher. An organized method is the best way for maximum cleanliness. (And if you're one of those types who cleans dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, seriously, stop.)

3. Handling a Knife
Learn the right way to hold a knife, sharpen it, and other knife skills so you don't end up in the emergency room from a knife-related kitchen injury.

2. Using Your Keyboard's Feet
You know those little feet that extend out the back of your desktop keyboard? Contrary to popular belief, they're not there for ergonomics, and having them extended can actually negatively affect you—depending on how you type.

1. Everything
Even the simplest of acts like dispensing Tic Tacs and peeling oranges have been "life hacked" into cleverer, better alternatives than the normal way most of us do it.We're all probably doing everything wrong, because, well, nobody's perfect. 

Don't feel like you're on an island you can always check out YouTube.......Remember "there's an app for that"? Now it's "There's a video for that." Ha!  Good luck


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