Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On Fourth Of July!

July 2, 2018

Even though we love the bright fireworks and commotion of the 4th, our furry loved ones don't.

Here are some KEY tips to keep your fur babies happy!

  • Keep your pets INDOORS during fireworks, and make sure all doors/windows are shut and locked.
  • If hosting a 4th of July party, make sure pets are in a secure room so they can't slip out of the doors.
  • Turn on the TV or relaxing music to help distract your pets from the loud blasts outside.
  • Make sure your pet's Microchip and Collar ID's are up to date. This is the fastest way to reconnect you and your pet if you are separated.
  • Keep your pet distracted with an interactive toy, like a KONG toy filled with peanut butter (and frozen overnight).