Hurricane Maria Survivor Reunited With Lost Dog

July 5, 2018

After Hurricane Maria swept Puerto Rico, Eliezer Maldonado had to make the hardest decision to leave his home of 35 years. To make it even harder, flights were double the normal price to get out and it was too expensive to fly his dog out with him. 

Maldonado and seven of his family members were relocated to Norfolk, Va - "The country was flipped over,” said Sanchez. "Lots of desperation, just leaving the situation over there."

Nine months later, Eliezer was reunited with his Siberian Husky. Thanks to an animal rescue group called the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team, his dog was flown to Norfolk and reunited with him on June 19.

With his furry best friend back, he is moving forward in his new home in America.

Watch below!