Chesterfield Native Get Nike Deal Of A Lifetime

October 10, 2018

Jarrell Baskfield from Chesterfield was given the opportunity from Nike to design 3 different style shoes.

Being an artist and an avid shoe lover since high school, Baskfield said he would spend his last dime on shoes if he could. Since being chosen to design 3 shoes by Culitvator, a a brand partnerning with Nike, he's decided to share his money from royalties with charity. 

To Baskfield, having a shoe collection of his own is unbelievable and humbling enough. 

The good deed doesnt stop there, when designing the shoes, he decided he would bring awareness to special causes and created shoes to support Black Lives matter, the Flint Water Crisis Fund, and Get Checked, an organization that brings awareness to HIV.

Watch FULL video and see the shoes designs HERE!