After Being Told Her Mother Was Dead, She Found Her - 80 Minutes Away & 100 Years Old

July 2, 2018

Joanne Loewenstern was adopted at birth but was told her birth mother died during delivery but she always had a feeling that wasn't right...

She was told when she turned 16 that she was adopted, her mother's name, where she was from and for the majority of her life thats as far as she thought the story went. Joanne, now 79-years-old, says she had a great life, married and had kids of her own, but always thought throughout the years that her mother wasn't really dead.

Joanne tried a private investigator in 1992 but had no luck and gave up...but that was before DNA webites like

Shelley, Joanne's daughter-in-law suggested she submit to and on May 13th she got an email from a man named Sam Ciminieri who matched Joanne - her brother!

Turned out, he did know exactly who their mother was and she was in fact still alive! Lillian Ciminieri was by then 100 years old, in a wheelchair in a nursing home in Boca Raton which was 80 minutes from her home. 

Joanne was thrilled and has now reunited with her mom and visits often. 

Full story and photos HERE!