Paul McCartney Debuts Auto-Tuned Track with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder

Listen to the new “Get Enough” below

January 3, 2019

After previously revealing he had taken inspiration from Kanye West, Paul McCartney is proving it in a heavily auto-tuned new track that presents a modernized version of the classic Macca we all know and love.

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Taking a different direction from his September release of Egypt Station, “Get Enough” shows his willingness to experiment and evolve. After initially disguising itself as a laid-back pop ballad, the track slowly layers on auto-tune, synth, and larger-than-life drum fills.

A simple piano line in the background carries the song and provides some of co-writer Ryan Tedder’s signature techniques through a song that’s far from either of their signature sounds.

In a recent OneRepublic documentary, frontman and smash songwriter Tedder revealed working with McCartney has been a huge career highlight before doing a perfect imitation of the beloved British artist running around the studio, complete with an accent.