The Internet is Furious About Pitbull’s Remix of “Africa”

An unexpected combo that these people just don’t want

December 14, 2018

Pitbull and Rhea just teamed up for “Ocean To Ocean,” an 80s-inspired track for the official Aquaman soundtrack. Along with just taking on a generally nostalgic feel by using the unmistakable beat from Toto’s “Africa” in the background, the song turns into a full-on cover when Rhea jumps in to sing the chorus.

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Despite the recent reappearance of the song that’s climbed its way back to the top with the help of a Weezer cover, there are some combos that could ruin even what the internet has collectively dubbed the greatest song ever.

Just one day after its release, the song already sits at a near 75% dislike rate on YouTube. Top comments include apologies to Toto, calling for Pitbull to be put away for war crimes, and naming the song the worst thing in music.

Although he blesses plenty of other songs, people really don't think Pitbull blessed the rains down in Africa. Here are some of the most dramatic reactions: