How Guacamole Ruined Michael Jackson’s Dream of Playing James Bond

The King of Pop apparently also wanted to be known as double o seven

October 2, 2018
Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson could have been the first black James Bond if this one well-loved dip hadn’t foiled his plan.

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According to Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz’s tell-all biography, Michael Jackson wanted to take the leap into action films. After revealing his desire to pursue the role of the iconic spy, the often theatrical singer’s signature black hat fell into a bowl of guacamole.

Although Michael didn’t seem to mind the extra guac, Orvitz and associate Ron Meyer “totally lost it.” Frustrated by not being taken seriously despite his condiment decoration, Michael left the room.

Orvitz explained that they weren’t laughing at Michael before having to tell him he was “thinly built, you’re too sensitive, you won’t be credible as a brutal block of stone.” His sensitivity is exactly what made him so loveable, but also doesn’t exactly fit the character of James Bond.

It did, however, fit the role of the soft and absolutely adorable scarecrow in The Wiz.