Grace VanderWaal Shares Her Healthy Vending Machine Snack Obsession

The singer is our latest “Sound Bites” guest!

February 26, 2019

Grace VanderWaal is fresh off the release of “Stray,” a vulnerable track about her experience growing up in the music industry. With maturity and poise that extends far beyond her years, it’s no surprise she’s choosing healthy snacks instead of candy on her vending machine stop.

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To stay energized during her slammed schedule of releasing music, touring, and being forced to eat snacks with us, Grace is choosing a timeless classic that’s reminding us of packed lunches and after-extracurricular snacks. We feel like that’s one of those weirdly shared memories that everyone will understand…

Her reaction when she sees the snacks is a constant mood. Get Grace’s vending machine pick in the video above!

Along with having some fun and awkwardly invading the lunch space, Grace also told us about her latest single. In the previous exclusive video, she dove into the meaning of "Stray" and how the idea for the powerful visual immediately came to her, shot-by-shot.  Watch below: