Ed Sheeran Doubled Net Worth In One Year, Passing Adele on List of UK’s Richest Artists

From £80 million to £160 million

May 9, 2019

Ed Sheeran's 2018 was a huge year packed with smash singles and the highest-grossing solo artist tour of all time. With long-lasting tracks from 2017 album Divide still making their mark, it’s no surprise that the beloved Irish singer is racking in cash.

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Not only is he making money, but he’s doubled his worth in just one year. Sheeran was already one of the highest-paid musicians with his 2017 fortune of £80 million. Now, the Sunday Times’ Rich List shows that he’s doubled his wealth to £160 million ($208 million) in just one year, putting him as the 17th richest artist in the UK.

Adele now comes in just short of Sheeran with £150 million, a number that will surely skyrocket after the release of her highly-anticipated follow-up to 25 that’s recently been confirmed. While Adele and Ed Sheeran are ridiculously rich, their fortunes still don’t stack up to legends like Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Paul McCartney, both clocking in at around £800 million.

Along with edging out the richest female record artist in the UK, Sheeran is also gearing up for both he and Justin Bieber’s long-awaited return. Stay tuned for the RADIO.COM World Premiere of “IDC” at midnight tonight (May 9).