Ariana Grande Teases Iconic Girl-Power Film References in “Thank U, Next” Video

A 'Legally Blonde' inspired video? Yes please!

November 21, 2018
Ariana Grande performs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards


Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” immediately completed fans’ lives with an upbeat outlook on love and an empowering message. Despite still focusing on “Breathin” as her official single, the surprise-dropped track is stealing the show by becoming everyone’s breakup anthem. 

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Ariana recently took to Twitter to tease an upcoming music video for the track. After saying it’s probably her favorite music video she’ll ever do, the pop star shared photos of her in various nostalgic costumes. 


Her ‘90s / early 2000s outfits and cryptic tweets are nods to a bunch of iconic movies, including cult-favorites Clueless, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde