“Africa” by Toto Will Play on Loop In African Desert “For All Eternity"

Thanks to the most meta art installation

January 15, 2019

While it likely almost never rains in this African desert, when it finally does, the rains will be infinitely blessed by Toto.

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 ‘80s jam “Africa” by Toto reached a new peak in mid-2018 when the internet rediscovered the classic, and even pressured Weezer into covering it. After realizing just how great the song is, people haven’t been able to get enough of it. 

To make sure the song never dies, artist Max Siedentopf created an art installation that’ll keep it going forever… or just until the next sandstorm.  

Max set up a series of solar powered speakers in an unspecified location in the Namib Desert. Choosing the location and materials specifically to make sure that the installation would survive as long as possible, “Africa” by Toto is now playing from them on an indefinite loop.  

“Some [Namibians] love it and some say it’s probably the worst sound installation ever. I think that’s a great compliment,” he explained to BBC of the unique piece.