8 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas to Fit Any Space

Budget and space-saving decorating tips

December 6, 2018
Modern Christmas interior, Scandinavian style. Room, colors.

© Belena | Dreamstime.com

Don’t have the space, the budget, or the patience for a real Christmas tree? Or even a fake one? We’ve got you covered with some unexpected ideas that’ll spice your holiday decorations up.

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These trees span from minimalist styles that fit your stark décor to DIY projects perfect for city living millennials on a budget.  

Advent Calendar Tree

This little tree has a surprise in every day. Use envelopes or gift boxes to create your own Advent Calendar tree that’s stylish and holds you over with daily gifts.

Wooden Frame Tree

Minimalist style can be ruined by a giant green Christmas tree. This simple frame is perfect for those who are committed to maintaining their monotone interior décor.

Photo Tree

This tree is super easy to DIY and can incorporate tons of special memories into it. Get your loved ones together and build this tree out of your favorite photos.

Christmas Tree Shelf

This shelf will stick with you from year to year and is also super functional. While you could definitely make your own, you can also buy them on Etsy or even from Sam’s Club!

Wine Bottle Tree

This one is perfect for the inner wine mom in all of us. You know all of those wine bottles that people bring you as a gift? Turn them into a tree.

Ladder Tree

This one makes a statement and would actually work really well in an industrial apartment. Just wrap some lights around a ladder and you’re pretty much good to go.

Branched Metal Tree

This piece is so simple and versatile we would honestly leave it up year round.

Peg Board Tree

Yet another simple DIY! This one can be done by putting nails in a flat piece of wood and wrapping string lights around it.