Should You Quit Your Job?

How To Tell If It's time

June 6, 2019 says that, on average, we women think about quitting our jobs 17 times a year.  That's more than once a month!  So how do you know you should quit, reboot your attitude or just resign yourself to misery.  Let's hope you don't choose the latter because life is too short and you are affecting more than just you.  I once worked for a fabric company where one of the managers was miserable.  She had been a lawyer before moving here to RVA and couldn't seem to get her license in VA.  Instead of continuing to try to pursue what she said was her passion she, unfortunately, decided to inflict her misery onto any employee under her that she could.  She even told me so when I finally quit, having had enough of her toxicity.  I genuinely felt sorry for her.  So do you know it's time?

Bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin, suggests going through every aspect of your job until you figure out what the issue is.  I did this with one job by laying out the pros and the cons.  It sounds silly but it's so simple.  Have one column of what you love about the job and one for the parts you hate.  First, see which column is longer and then how important each item is on the list.  If you get to one aspect that makes you feel like taking a baseball bat to a tree then you've found the culprit.

Look at your coworkers and management.  Would you want to move up the corporate ladder?  How long have other people been there and are they happy?  If they are, maybe take them out for coffee and ask them the secret to their success.  It's possible they know something you don't.  And if your boss isn't someone you want to emulate or work closer with then maybe you need to start looking elsewhere.

Speaking of "corporate" not everyone is made for the good old 9a-5p.  I know I'm not meant for a cubicle and love my job radio job with Entercom.  I even enjoy (okay maybe that's a strong word) getting up at 3:30a.  By the time I'm in studio with Jeff Wicker I am ready to go to help you stary your day.

Finally, they say that while optimism is important, you need to acknowledge if things will never improve.  Be positive as long and as often as you can but make sure you are not just in denial.  Are your complaints legitimate?  Look at how long you've been expecting things to get better and whether or not any improvements have been made.  And if you know it's time to go then do.  You will be happier for it in the end.  Start looking for a place that maybe fits your personality better, pays better and will add to your happiness not take away from it.  Oh and my advice?  Don't just quit......the adage is "it's easier to find a new job when you already have one."  Just sayin'

And Good Luck!  We appreciate you. xo