Rebecca Wilde Gets Into HOT Water At The Greenbrier

February 11, 2019

I am known for getting myself into hot water every now and again.  I suppose that's what keeps some people around me.  "What is she gonna do next?"

But if you are hoping for some salacious gossip Girl, please! LOL....we are at the Greenbrier for Heaven's sake!   

Pressure builds and we can't take the stress.....bills, kids, work, life!  My partner, Jeff Wicker, and I are lucky enough to be at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia and one of THE things on our "must do" list is to soak in the HOT Sulphur Springs which flow right underneath "America's Resort."  While I'm sure you were hoping for some juicy gossip, don't worry it's never far behind, you have to know that soaking in that tub was one of the most amazing baths I have ever taken.  Sulphur Spring soaks are said to have healing powers.......they reduce stress, relieve pain, heal skin problems, boost blood circulation, help you sleep better....the list goes on!!  It was a glorious soak and because of the minerals and whatnot (Heck I don't know what all is in sulfur springs other than water, and I guess sulphur) the water stays hotter than a normal bath that you and I may run in our own tubs. #truth

Then, as if that wasn't enough, I got a HOT Stone Massage.  Oh. My. Sassafras! This is what I looked like before all this: A nice, All-American kid with a gleam in her eye.....

Then.....add a tub full of all-natural mineral water and a hot stone massage and voila! A Sassy Radio gal turned to mush.  And I couldn't have felt better!

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but as a hard-working woman in these trying times, I highly recommend you let this happen to YOU when you come to stay for a Wintertime Weekend here at the Greenbrier.  HERE is a link to learn more about it.  By the way, Jeff and I are giving away a Wintertime Weekend for you!  Seriously, need this.