For The 5th Year This B.C. Hotel Offers Free Stays If You Create A Bundle Of Joy

Oh My

January 28, 2020
Nooner Hotel

If you are looking to be a first time parent or would love another bundle of joy to your growing family then you may be interested in staying at this hotel.  Here's the scoop, you stay at the Hotel Zed in British Columbia during their hourly promotion, take in a game of ping pong if you like (you can always hit the hot tub, too).  Go home and then in 9 months you welcome a little bub into your family - you will win a free stay at the Hotel Zed of your choice for the next 18 years!  And this contest is basically open to everyone including couples who become parents through surrogacy or adoption. The only exception are parents of furry children (so Rebecca Wilde is definitely out). 

The hotel is definitely raising some eyebrows but it may be worth a read for anyone raising children!