Wylie - Richardson's Rescue

September 3, 2020
kat simons

Poor Wylie came to us just before the pandemic started and has lost out on all the in person adoption stands we used to do. She’s starting to get a little depressed and would love for us to find her a home this week! Can you help us share her story?

Sweet Wylie was a wonderful and caring mother but now that all her babies have been adopted, she is looking for her well deserved forever home. At just over a year this young lady is the complete package! She is an all star cuddler and loves to snuggle both on top and under the covers! She also enjoys relaxing in the sunlight and bird watching through the window. She is the purrrfect blend of playful, laid back, and sweet and we just can’t believe she hasn’t found her forever home yet! Her one request is a home without dogs as they terrify her! We think she may have had a traumatic run in with one at one point. Wylie is an incredibly sweet cuddle bug and would be the ultimate companion cat! Can you help us share this until she finds her family?

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