RSPCA - Winifred

Come adopt Winifred the Wallflower today!

June 13, 2018

If you're looking for a snuggly best friend, Winnie is the dog for you! She always has to be touching her friends. Often she will press up against you or sit on your foot, just to let you know that she loves you and is by your side. She is truly a one of a kind dog. Look at that goofy smile! It's always on her face. We swear!

Winnie absolutely LOVES to go outside on walks. When we grab her leash and harness, she does a happy little dance where she hops up and down. She can use the walks too. To be honest, she's a bit on the chunky side. Her weight makes her grunt and snort every once and a while, which is very silly.

She is very smart and knows all of her basic commands including sit, down and shake. She walks well on leash. She loves to play fetch, but the game often ends up with her running up and plopping on her back to get belly rubs from you. We would absolutely love to introduce you to Winifred. Please come visit her at the Richmond SPCA!

Winifred is back! She is such a jolly girl and would love to go home with you. She would do best in a home without children and other pets! Visit this lovely girl today at the @richmondspca!

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