Richardson's Rescue - Mimosa

Consider adopting Mimosa from Richardson's rescue today!

May 9, 2019

Consider adopting Mimosa from Richardson's rescue today!

"My name is Mimosa, but my foster Mom almost changed it to Medusa when I was first brought into rescue due to my attitude. I came from a very large colony out in the country and I was a complete mess! I growled at everyone, climbed the walls and showed my ugly side for quite a while. My foster Mom was patient with me and kept promising that humans are good and that their touch is to die for. As you can imagine I really didn’t believe that nonsense, but Mom insisted. Wow was she right!!!! I now LOVE to be petted and even give love nibbles. I am still a little inappropriate because when Mom comes into my room I growl instead of cry as I run to her for love. I am still learning, and I am working hard on getting this right. It is important that I go to a family that understands my quirks"

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