RAL - Rudi

Adopt Rudi from Richmond Animal League today!

September 24, 2018

Adopt Rudi from Richmond Animal League today!

Rudi came to RAL back in 2012, and was a resident wallflower in the cat room for about a year. Rudi moved in to our office when she was diagnosed with a chronic mouth and gum condition called Stomatitis. It took a couple of years, but now with just two medications alternating once daily, we're happy to share that Rudi is in a very manageable maintenance period. All of her teeth were removed when she was really in a bad way, and that will continue to help keep things stable.
Rudi is truly the ideal office mate. She provides a calming and warm presence on her desk bed, hopping up once every few hours for some brushing and treats. Rudi has a great chirp and trots when she's happy; two behaviors this secret admirer only shares with her inner circle. We'd love Rudi to live with someone who will love her just as much as her office mates do here at RAL. Please come brush Rudi and see if it's love!

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