RAL - Kairi

UPDATE: Kairi got adopted!!!

November 5, 2018

UPDATE: Kairi got adopted!!!

My personality assessment suggests I'm a GREEN A dog. Right now I'm finding my surroundings a bit overwhelming and am nervous or fearful of what's going on. I'd do best in a quiet home, with patient people willing to give me the loving support and the time I need to adjust. I will be a lifelong companion to anyone willing to give me a chance. That said, I might not be a good fit for children. I was reactive during my assessment and might not understand cues from the young or less experienced (human and canine alike). I'd love a home without small children, but with positive, kind people who won't steal my stuff or poke me in the wrong place. I can be a great companion for responsible and mature families.

For more information, you can visit Richmond Animal League's website!

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