RACC - Toni

June 21, 2018

Hello, my name is Tiger. I was adopted as an 8 week old puppy from RACC. My adopters did not socialize me or do any training with me, and gave up on me and returned me at 7 months old for being fear aggressive. Fear aggression stems from the lack of socialization a dog or puppy receives. When they are not exposed to certain aspects of life (people, other dogs, etc.), they can become defensive out of fear when they do finally confront these things. Fear aggression is very workable with patience and positivity. Men definitely make me more nervous than women, but I also have a few male friends! :)

I was very scared when I first came back to the shelter, but have made friends with all of the staff and once I get to know you, I REALLY love you! I am okay with some dogs, I prefer calmer, confident, and polite canine friends that will help me continue to come out of my shell. Due to my nervousness, I would do best in a home with humans older than 15! I tend to nip a little bit when I get excited, but it's not in a harmful manner. It's more that I can't contain my excitement that I have a human friend, but I'm also nervous about having a human friend, so I don't know what to do! After proper human and canine socialization, Tiger will blossom into an amazing dog!

Primary Color: Brown Brindle
Secondary Color: White
Weight: 50
Age: 0yrs 9mths 0wks

Meet Toni RACC

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