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Pilates from Richmond Animal Care & Control is our #PetOfTheDay!

June 27, 2019

Bloomer from Richmond Animal Care & Control is our #PetOfTheDay!

Pilates is a total sweetheart, and holds a special place in many of our staff member's hearts. She came to us in May extremely emaciated and neglected by her previous owner, but we've been working hard to fatten her up and help her build her strength back up! 

Pilates can be slightly wary of new people, which is understandable given her past circumstances, but once she realizes you are a friend she is quick to warm up and she will show you her goofy playful side. Pilates loves when you talk to her, and toys make her extra excited! But even though she loves playing with her toys, she is polite with them and tries to be careful to take toys gently and not accidentally nip fingers.

When Pilates gets to know you she becomes very trusting and wants to be right by your side all the time, we think that she would definitely be a constant companion in the home. Some new situations can still make her nervous and put her on the defensive, but when she has a person she trusts with her she looks up to them and trusts them for guidance on how she should be behaving. We need Pilates to go home with someone that is confident enough to take control of situations like that and can lead her through those moments so that her fear does not get worse. 

Currently, interacting with other dogs is one of the situations that Pilates is not comfortable with yet. She can be very nervous and avoidant at first, but if she has someone she trusts with her to help her take things slowly and lead her in the right direction, she can work up the courage to nicely coexist with another polite dog who won't push her boundaries. We think that with the right adopter (and the right dog friend), who is committed to putting in the work to let her slowly adjust to new dogs, she has the potential to eventually feel comfortable and confident enough to open herself up and be playful with another dog!

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