Old Deuteronomy - Richmond Animal League

Let's get this baby adopted!

May 18, 2020
kat simons

Let's get this baby adopted!

Are you looking for a gentle cat who will happily be your BFF and nap buddy? Meet Old Deuteronomy at Richmond Animal League ️ She is a sweet old soul who is just looking for a soft place to land, whether that's her bed, the couch, or your chest. She lets out a soft rumble of a purr when you scratch her head or chin, and leans into your hand when you scratch her cheeks. It's honestly adorable, and she is just the sweetest little thing. OD is about 12 years old and would love nothing more than to find a permanent home to call her own.

Let’s give these shelters some love during this time! A lot of them are still open so if you’re interested, please give them a call or shoot them an email to schedule a private adoption appointment!



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