Nutmeg - Richmond Animal Care & Control

Let's get this baby a home!

April 15, 2020
pet of the day

Meet Nutmeg!! If you're looking for a hiking or a running buddy, he's your guy. Nutmeg needs someone who can provide mental stimulation (long walks, interactive toys, learning new tricks). You see, he is wicked smart and very inquisitive.

Like all dogs, he just needs to be taught how to act in certain situations. Right now when he gets over excited he thinks it's cool to play tug of war with the leash. However, the staff is calmly telling him to to sit and giving him a treat. This is teaching him to calm down and focus on you when he starts feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, he is unbelievably food motivated so it's easy to keep his attention.

Nutmeg wants to say hey to everyone and enjoys butt scratches but doesn't require lots of doting on. His love language is quality time and receiving gifts in the form of food and toys. He doesn't destroy his toys but he will destroy a cat. Nutmeg doesn't know how to interact with other dogs appropriately so he has to be the only dog in the home.

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