Marlin - Richmond Animal Care & Control

August 12, 2020
kat simons

Marlin is super sweet!!! He absolutely LOVES TO SNUGGLE and is a total lap dog. Marlin has a playful side too. He enjoys fetch and running around in our play yard. Marlin will go wherever you go; he'd happily enjoy a river day, walks at Forest Hill park, or chilling at a brewery (eventually...go away Covid) 
Marlin is DOG FRIENDLY!!!

Needs polite play mates or smaller friends. He doesn't want to wrestle, but can handle some paws on play. He was attacked by another dog previously so I stress, HE CAN ONLY BE WITH SUPER NICE DOGS.
To elaborate on how much of a sweetie pie Marlin is, he is scared to death of cats!!!
It's almost inhumane to send him home with cats, he's THAT scared of them. 
If you know for a fact that your cat is sweet to dogs, we can talk, but if your cat is likely to swat at him - no, we cannot do that to him. 

We are looking for a full house to adopt Marlin; the more the merrier!
He is displaying signs of separation anxiety at the shelter. These could totally go away in the home, but we think it's best if he goes to a home with multiple people or home with a kind dog buddy - so he doesn't have to be alone often.

We have not seen him with kids but are willing to try. He can only be with kids 12 years+ because he did test as a food guarder.

Please email if you are interested in Marlin
Please include who you live with; pets and housemates, and if you are willing to work with him in the event he does have separation anxiety.


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