Juno - Chesterfield County Animal Shelter

April 30, 2020
kat simons

Let's get this baby adopted!

"Come say hello to Juno! This pretty girl was found in a grocery store parking lot. No one ever came forward to claim her so she is now available for adoption. Juno is an energetic girl with kind of an independent personality. She would love to go to a home with a fenced in yard where she can run around and play! Juno could keep herself occupied for hours just playing with her toys. While she will play with any toy, the tennis ball is her toy of choice. She loves pawing it around the yard and running around with it in her mouth. Juno enjoys going on walks, however, she needs some training when it comes to walking on the leash as she pulls. She has had training prior to coming into the shelter. She will happily sit and shake for treats. If you're looking to just have one pet, Juno would be great for you! She does not do well with other dogs and the person who found her said she also does not like cats. Juno is a 1 year old Boxer mix. If you are interested in adopting Juno, call to schedule an appointment to meet her."

For more information on little Juno, please visit Chesterfield County Animal Shelter's website!

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