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Let's get this little baby adopted!

March 12, 2020
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Let's get this little baby adopted!

"Joy is a precious chihuahua who came to CARE in 2012 with another little chihuahua that we called Sybil. The young girls had been horribly abused in their previous home. The abuse had made Joy very timid and scared, and had made Sybil angry and anxious. Sybil would bite when scared and was never able to be placed for adoption. Joy acted as Sybil's therapy dog, and we felt it best to keep them together as they were very bonded. Recently we lost Sybil to a pulmonary complication, and Joy is very unsettled here. We believe that finding her a new home would give her a new opportunity to enjoy life.

Joy is 8-9 years old, young for a chihuahua who may live for 20 years. She is in great health and has never had a health concern. Joy is spayed, microchipped, up to date with vaccines and has been kept on heart worm prevention. Joy loves people, but it shy. She needs a secure yard to keep her safe and an experienced owner to provide her with the love and support she craves. We believe Joy would be well suited to an adult home, possibly one of a retired person to which she could bond."

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