Henrico Humane - Martin

Adopt Martin from Henrico Humane today!

September 21, 2018

Adopt Martin from Henrico Humane today!

Martin was spotted in the woods one evening close to dark. A white cat tends to stand out. At first he meowed but would not approach. He was treated as a feral and was neutered. He showed up again two days later and ate food from a bowl in the driveway. With time he came closer.

He now rubs against you for attention. Martin cannot get enough love. He does well with the dogs, and does not show aggression toward other cats. He is white with orange ears and tail along with an orange stripe on his forehead. He is about 12 months old. There is no doubt that he once had a home. He wants so much to again be part of a family. Can you be that family for him?

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