Chelsea - Richmond Animal League

May 25, 2020
kat simons

Chelsea is a snuggly, lovable pup. She loves to lay on the couch and would prefer you be there with her. She definitely does not believe in social distancing! Chelsea appreciates her two mile walk each morning and likes to greet the people she sees with a wagging tail. She walks well on a leash, and is very curious about squirrels, bunnies and cats. She will pull on the leash when she sees them.

Chelsea is learning to sit and is doing a great job when her food is being prepared. Her foster mom is working on helping Chelsea sit when she is excited, especially when seeing one of her favorite critters on a walk. Chelsea is a champion drooler and snorer, but those are some of the things that makes her so sweet. Chelsea is being fostered in a home with no dogs, but she appears to be friendly when sniffing other dogs on a walk. Based on her reaction to outdoor cats, it is not recommended that she be in a house with cats.

Chelsea is strong and could accidentally knock into somebody who is not steady on their feet. She would do best in a household without young children. She would likely do fine with teenagers. Chelsea does not like lawnmowers and should be kept inside when mowing the lawn. The ideal home for Chelsea would be one that can take her on walks, then allow her to be with her people all day.

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