Charley's New Trousers - Richmond Animal Care and Control

April 29, 2020
pet of the day

RACC recently did a Facebook live featuring this little lovebug and I just fell in love!

"Charley is a spunky little thing! She is playful, fun, and loves everyone she meets. Shes got a lot of energy, but she also loves a good snuggle in your lap. She did test as a food guarder so we can not send her home with small children, but she would be great with teenagers. Charley is a petite pittie and is her full grown size. Charley likes dogs but plays best with beefy male dogs that don't get offended easily. Charley likes to climb on her doggie friends and does play bitey face game, which not all dogs appreciate. But she isn't trying to be a jerk, she just hasn't had a lot of socialization before coming to RACC."

For more information on this cutie, click here!

Let’s give these shelters some love during this time! A lot of them are still open so if you’re interested, please give them a call or shoot them an email to schedule a private adoption appointment!



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