C.A.R.E. - Hugo

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August 2, 2018

Hugo is a great guy, about 2 years old who is clearly a German Shepherd mix. He is 25-30 pounds fully grown. Hugo, also known as Wonky Butt, has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which basically means that the cerebellum of the brain does not function appropriately, which throws off his gait. It does not cause any mental or emotional issues, and he will not get better or worse, he will just walk and run a bit oddly. It's really cute at Easter when he can hop like a bunny!

Hugo is a special needs dog only because of this condition. He requires no special care nor medication, just a home that will understand that he is different and exercise care that he doesn't hurt himself. He appears to prefer being an only pet, but might do well with a dog larger than himself. He likes people, but is protective of them, so an experienced owner would be preferred. Hugo was saved from a KY kill shelter on the day he was to be euthanized and has waited a year so far for his forever home. Is it yours?

Learn more about how to meet and adopt Hugo on our website at www.carerva.com.

This pet of the day was brought to you by: Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery & Dental Care.