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Meet Bowser! But he isn't any villain!

December 5, 2019
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Meet Bowser! But he isn't any villain!

His left eye is a bit more honey colored than his right mahogany eye, and his pittie smile is out of this world contagious!

Bowser LOVES 'splorin and going for long walks. He rides great in the car, so you can take him far and wide for all the adventures?? One of Bowser's most endearing qualities is how in tune he is with his handler. He often looks up at you and you can just feel the love, happiness, and appreciation he has for you breaking him out of that kennel.

Bowser especially loves going out with Canine Adventure. They wrote: "He gets very excited for the next scents, sounds, and sights around each curve. We would come up to a rocky or rooty area of the path; I'd ask him to 'wait' and 'walk on' when I was ready. HE WAS FANTASTIC. He picked it up immediately and was so patient! At one point I trip over a root and his immediate response was to check on me. It was the sweetest thing.

Bowser is such a great dog with such a kind soul. I can only imagine the joy Bowser will bring into the lives of whomever adopts him."

Bowser has been getting overlooked because his kennel presence scares people. Men freak him out through the kennel bars, but we have not seen these same stranger issues outside of the kennel. In fact, he usually wants to say hello to every dog and human he sees when on walks! However we still need Bowser to go home with a CONFIDENT, pittie savvy person, so that he feels safe and secure.?
Our happy ham does have one handling area of opportunity- Bowser has a tendency to launch into your face and it hurts. He gets overstimulated in our play yard, especially if someone baby talks him or gets him too riled up with rough housing play. Or when he's feeling extra needy for attention, he becomes a chonky pogo stick and you gotta get him to come back down to earth. ??Again, he needs a confident handler that won't get intimidated by him??but who will work on this ism.

Bowser loves dogs but would also be fine as the only dog in the home. NO CATS - no kids. He might be fine with kids out and about but he cannot go into a home with kids.
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: White
Weight: 58
Age: 3yrs 3mths 0wks

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