BeeBee’s Big Day Out with Richmond Animal League!

BeeBee was our pet of the day from RAL on Tuesday this week!

August 23, 2019

BeeBee was our pet of the day from RAL on Tuesday this week!

It was certainly a terrific Tuesday! If you don't remember, BeeBee was our handsome pet of the day on Tuesday and he had a little bit of a sad story. To read his full story, click here!

But good news! BeeBee got his big day out!

"A dog at Richmond Animal League (RAL) with terminal melanoma just had his best day out. Yesterday, wanting to do something special for this sweet boy who is so loved at RAL, staff took BeeBee for “BeeBee’s Big Day Out.”

BeeBee went for a car ride with the windows down. He went to Petco and got to pick out whatever he wanted – he walked away with 2 bags of soft treats, 2 chews, and a stuffed bear holding a honey pot with three tiny bees inside.

BeeBee also had an ice cream party with RAL staff that included 4 flavors of dog-safe ice cream, cool whip, sprinkles, waffle cones and cherries. Bebe ate everything except the cherry! While BeeBee was initially unsure of his ice cream cone, he soon realized that it contained something tasty and took a big chomp right out of the middle!

So cute!

If you are interested in adopting BeeBee yourself, visit the pet page where you can read all about him!