BeeBee got adopted!

He was our pet of the day, had a big day out, and now, he's adopted!

August 27, 2019

He was our pet of the day, had a big day out, and now, he's adopted!

If you don't remember Beebee's Big Day Out, you can see the story (and photos!) here.

But now... Sweet Beebee has been adopted! We've already received an update and photos from his mom saying, "Hey everyone! Thank you for taking such good care of BeeBee. He's very happy in his new home & loves his new bed. Yesterday after I got him I took him to the dog park and he had a good time riding in the car & walking around the park, then he fell asleep in the car. He really loves riding in the car with me. When we got home, I opened the door & let him in & he went right into his crate and made himself at home without me even having to show him where it was or tell him that its his. He switched between sleeping in his crate & looking out the window & then coming to me for some attention. He gets excited to go outside but when he's done he will walk me back to the door so we can go back in the house & he goes right back into his bed. He really is the sweetest dog & he's so quiet & calm. I love him so much & I'm so happy to have him. He's gotten comfortable around me & in his new home. I just wanted to say thank you for letting BeeBee come home with me & just know he's very happy & I will take great care of him."