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Let's get this baby adopted!

April 22, 2020
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Meet Auggie Doggie!

"We transferred him from our friends at Surry County Animal Control on Wednesday, and he's been keeping us on our toes ever since!

Auggie is SWEET, silly, and a heckin HANDFUL! He has no idea how to walk properly on a leash, but he does know how to open latches on a fence. Tall, privacy fences ONLY for him - otherwise he will escape! He doesn't seem to know any voice commands, and we have a strong feeling he's going to be a counter surfer, but he is trying to only go potty outside so that's a plus! Andddd he likes other dogs!

Auggie is a go getter. He has LOTS of energy and wants to run run run! He has some pretty impressive zoomie skills and man, is he fast! We think Auggie would be much easier to manage if he lived in a house with a fenced in yard. He will need to run off some energy and excitement before you start training sessions on his leash manners. Once he gets those under control, Auggie would LOVE to go explore parks, trails, the river etc. But please don't let this man off leash, otherwise you'll never catch him! 

Currently, due to the Covid quarantine and the governor's stay-home order, we have to work within these limitations:

- Adopters must live in the metro-Richmond area (City of Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, etc)
- Adopters/housemates haven't traveled outside the Richmond area in the last 30 days, haven't been exposed to anyone with Covid, and don't feel ill :)
- No one in the home has visited/worked in a medical facility in the last 30 days
- There can be no children under the age of 10 (we are unable to do introductions between your kids and our dogs and that's a major safety concern that we do not take lightly)
- There can be no other dogs (same safety issue as the kids since we can't do introductions - the concern is our dog, not yours)
- We are offering virtual visits, there will be no actual interaction with the dog until it is in your car. We are FaceTiming interested parties and doing our best to show you their personalities!

Please email if you'd like to adopt Auggie Doggie"

Let’s give these shelters some love during this time! A lot of them are still open so if you’re interested, please give them a call or shoot them an email to schedule a private adoption appointment!


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