We All Got Scammed By Justin Bieber’s Burrito

The photo was fake, all that eating outrage for nothing

October 29, 2018
Justin Bieber

Stuart Franklin / Staff

International incident avoided.

Not since NAFTA has all of North America's interests been so intertwined as, the great Justin Bieber Burrito Disaster of 2018. It all started with a tweet, of what seemed to be the "Love Yourself" singer eating a burrito the wrong way. Is there a right way to eat a burrito? A few. Is there a wrong way? Yes. One very wrong way and it appears in this picture.

The world reacted.

There he was, eating a burrito like a cheese and salsa harmonica, with complete disregard for its structural integrity and overall good manners. But it turns out, it wasn't Justin Bieber at all. The photo was the a prank by an organization called Yes Theory, and we are left with equal parts relief and anger, with extra guac.

The photo was staged with a Justin Bieber look-a-like in an effort to see if it would go viral. It did. We were had, but we can all sleep easy knowing that nobody eats like that.

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