Watch Will Smith Jump Into The Grand Canyon For His 50th Birthday

The Fresh Prince bungee jumped into his birthday

September 26, 2018
Will Smith

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Will Smith has faced down aliens, supervillians, and Uncle Phil in his fifty years on Earth, but for a big milestone birthday the actor had to go bigger than ever.

A family celebration turned into a livestreamed, live action event for Smith's 50th on Tuesday, as he bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon. The Men In Black star literally leaped into his fifties, facing his fear and once again inspiring people across the internet.   

"Never look down" Smith screamed over the helicopter noise before the jump. "That was just terrible."

"It goes from pure terror, to absolute bliss" said Will after the jump.

The event also raised money for a few good causes. An online lottery to watch the jump in person benefitted educational efforts for children in struggling countries.

Happy birthday Will! We can't wait to see what you do next!

You can watch the full video below.