The Starbucks Holiday Drink Tastes Like A Tree, Or Gin, But Maybe You'll Like It

The latest red cup creation has some interesting flavors

November 29, 2018

Spencer Platt / Staff

Starbucks has revealed their latest holiday creation. The Juniper Latte is a new wintry beverage, featuring "a hint of juniper and sage", with "an evergreen aroma and citrus notes" according to a new press release.

The drink is made with the company's signature espresso and steamed milk, but infused with something called juniper syrup and "a dusting" of pine-citrus sugar. The pine of course is what gives it that fresh-cut Christmas tree smell, or the taste like you're drinking tree stand water, depending on who you ask.

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The juniper syrup is something new and different for the coffee chain, leaving many to wonder what it is exactly. Juniper is actually a coniferous plant, and juniper berries are used in the distilling of gin. We've heard of adding alcohol to enhance the flavor of coffee, or your 10-year-old's 10 AM soccer match, but we've never dreamed of putting gin in the mix.

Here are some of the reactions so far.

You'll have to try for yourself. The Juniper Latte is available now.