Liam Payne Talks About the "Toxic" Times in One Direction

The singer reveals how he coped with the fame

June 4, 2019

“I’ve got a lot of things wrong in my time, but they were also the moments that I’ve learned the most about myself,” Liam Payne says in a new interview with Australian Men's Health. The former One Direction member got personal with the publication about his time with the global boy band phenomenon, and some of the moments he now calls "toxic."

"It’s difficult when you have the level of fame that we had in the band,” Payne tells Men's Health. “There have been a lot of people in trouble with mental health that aren’t really getting the help that they need and I think that’s a bit of a problem in our industry. It’s the same **** that happens to everyone, that’s been happening since the 70’s. You know what the traps are and if you are lucky enough, like me, to be able to get out of that scenario and back into a sense of normality, then you know it’s a bit different.”

Payne goes on to detail the pressures of their schedule and the focus placed on the teen group. The "Strip That Down" singer is now 25, but he was just a teenager when the group was assembled and first found fame. The demands on the group became taxing, and led to alcohol abuse according to Liam. “It’s almost like putting the Disney costume on before you step up on stage and underneath the Disney costume I was p***ed quite a lot of the time because there was no other way to get your head around what was going on" explains Payne. "I mean it was fun. We had an absolute blast but there were certain parts of it where it just got a little bit toxic.”

When asked if he ever felt in control of the situation during the 1D days, Payne replies, “No. Never.”

You can read more from Liam Payne's talk with Australian Men's Health here.

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