Are You Ready For Syrup Bottle Karaoke?

Singing syrup is our new favorite thing

October 16, 2018

© Dora Paris |

Often when a new viral trend begins, we like to pause to take stock of the situation and ask ourselves a few questions.

One, will it taste bad?

We have very refined palates, and often the idea of ingesting something like a Tide Pod or a Clorox Wipe or whatever the kids are eating these days goes against our typical distinguished diet.

Two, do we need to learn a dance?

With our very busy schedule of work, and family, and all the episode of This Is Us sitting on the DVR, we don't have time to practice choreography. Next.

Three, does this cost us any money?

All our money has gone to pumpkin beer and dog costumes this month, all our extra fun must be free.

With all that in mind, we were super stoked when we started seeing "Syrup Bottle Karaoke" making the rounds on the internet yesterday. This we can get behind. No dancing, no money, and it tastes great!


Please can we have some more of this? And a side of bacon? Thanks internet.

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