Was Charlie Puth Inspired By Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal?"

We knew this new 'Voicenotes' song reminded us of something...

July 12, 2018
July 26, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Recording artist Charlie Puth performs at the American Airlines Arena. / Michael Jackson performing.

© Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK / Getty

Charlie Puth's latest release, "The Way I Am," has us thinking... does he love Michael Jackson as much as we do?

In a world where artist's are being sampled and used as inspiration for current artists to create their sound, it is actually completely possible Charlie Puth used MJ as inspiration on his latest Voicenotes album.

Charlie has said he love's (actually he said he's sort of obsessed with) the throwback and disco-era sound. His new song "The Way I Am" is already a hit; the music video has almost 4 million views on YouTube. We think it sounds slightly familiar to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal."

Listen for yourself and see what you think: