American Children are Adopting a British Accent Because of Peppa Pig

And they say television stunts a child's development

February 19, 2019

Some have argued that television stunts a child's development. We, however, would argue that the latest phenomenon in children's television is actually teaching kids language-diversity skills (if that's a thing).

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Just after your kid graduates from Baby Shark to Peppa Pig, you may want to be on the lookout for the latest thing happening to American children. Yup, there are reports out that the insanely popular cartoon featuring a British pig and her family are actually causing kids to speak with a British accent.

The random consequence of watching hours of the show is probably not harmful to your child's development. In fact, it probably will prepare your little one to a trip across the pond... perhaps to visit Peppa Pig World in England. Yup, an entire theme park dedicated to the British pig.

If international travel isn't an option, we suggest the newly opened Peppa playground in Texas.