Skillet S'mores - Monday


June 25, 2018



  • 18 large marshmallows cut in half
  • (4) 100g milk chocolate bars, chopped (could also use milk chocolate chips)
  • Graham Crackers
  • 1 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1 tsp butter


  1. Melt butter in 9" skillet on Coleman 2-Hyper Flame Camp Stove & Grill.
  2. Once butter is melted and spread around entire skillet to avoid sticking, add chocolate and heavy cream.
  3. Stir constantly on low heat until melted.
  4. Cover the melted chocolate with halved marshmallows.
  5. Continue to cook until marshmallows soften. Toast the top of the marshmallows with BBQ lighter.
  6. Remove skillet from heat with oven mit. Serve while warm with graham crackers for dipping.

(Recipe via: Simple As That Blog)