ReSource: Plastic with WWF

Interview with Erin Simon from the World Wildlife Foundation!

May 14, 2019

Interview with Erin Simon from the World Wildlife Foundation!

"The global plastic pollution crisis is threatening the natural environment on which we depend, impacting oceans, communities, wildlife, and people at an unprecedented rate. Change can’t wait.  Data shows that as few as 100 companies have the potential to prevent roughly 10 million metric tons of the world’s plastic waste, and this number can triple by inspiring action across their sectors and supply chains.

Some of the world’s largest companies, including McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Keurig Doctor Pepper, Tetra Pak and The Coca-Cola Company, have signed on as Principal Members of ReSource: Plastic, WWF’s new activation hub. ReSource seeks to tap into the massive potential by helping companies align their large-scale plastic commitments to the specific activities that will translate those commitments from aspiration to meaningful, measurable action."

"Erin works to drive positive change across industries by leading WWF’s packaging and material science program. Key to conservation is the overall protection of the planet’s natural resources, and packaging plays a vital role in that. Through her efforts, she works with business and industry to help them make informed, sustainable material choices for their products and packaging. Prior to joining WWF, Erin worked at Hewlett Packard for 10 years as a packaging engineer responsible for the design and implementation of laser jet printer and media packaging. Her expertise is in material science, design innovation, procurement, manufacturing, logistical and point of purchase aspects of packaging. "