One Good Deed by David Baldacci

July 24, 2019

The year is 1949 and World War II veteran Aloysius Archer is released from Carderock Prison. He is sent to Poca City on parole with a short list of do’s and a much longer list of don’ts: do report regularly to his parole officer; don’t go into bars and certainly don’t drink alcohol; do get a job—and always stay out of trouble.

The small town quickly proves more complicated and dangerous than Archer’s years serving in the war or his time in jail. Within a single night, his search for gainful employment—and a stiff drink—leads him to a local bar, where he is hired for what seems like a simple job: collect a debt owed to a powerful local businessman, Hank Pittleman.

Soon Archer finds out that recouping the debt won’t be so easy: The indebted man has a furious grudge against Hank and refuses to pay; Hank’s quick- witted mistress has her own designs on Archer; and both the unforgiving Hank and Archer’s stern parole officer, Miss Crabtree, are keeping a close eye on him. When a murder takes place right under Archer’s nose, police suspicions rise against the ex-convict and Archer realizes that this murder could send him right back to prison... if he doesn’t use every skill in his arsenal to track down the real killer himself.

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